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Lowenbrau live by the ancient German Purity Law, which stipulates which ingredients can be used to create beer. This was written in 1516 by Bavarian noblemen, and decrees that only water, barley and hops may be used to brew (yeast was added later when scientific evidence showed its fermenting properties). The Oktoberfest beer is a true celebration of Bavarian brewing, pouring a clear golden yellow with a tall white head. Well carbonated, this beer boasts a bready, slightly herbaceous nose with a subtle sweet-malt undertone. A biscuity flavour with some soft spices, herbs and citrus. And of course that classic light, crisp finish associated with the style

Style: Lager
Country: Germany
Brewery: Lowenbrau
ABV: 6.1%
Bottle Size: 6L
Serving Temp: 3°C