Kwak is known all around the world for being an absolute beauty of a beer, well we’re extremely happy to now bring you Kwak Blonde on PerfectDraft!

Kwak Blonde has all the calling cards of a great Belgian ale. It pours a fresh golden yellow with a fluffy white head. The aromas you will pick up are pear, banana, bready malts and a nice hit of hop-iness at the end. Kwak Blonde has a delicate bitterness which balances out the sweetness and almost honey like flavour you can pick up. Classic Belgian yeast spiciness is along for the party and really compliments the sweetness and banana notes within the beer.

Style: Blonde Ale
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Bosteels Brewery
ABV: 7.4%
Bottle Size: 6L
Serving Temp: 4-7°C