PerfectDraft Camden IPA 6L Keg

Camden IPA is a 5.8% ABV Indian Pale Ale brewed by Camden Town Brewery in London, England. It is made with Simcoe hops and light malts, and is fermented with a clean Cali ale yeast.
Camden IPA is a classic IPA, with a pale golden color and a slightly hazy appearance. It has a bright, citrusy aroma with notes of pine and grapefruit. The flavor is dominated by the Simcoe hops, which give the beer a strong citrus and resinous character. There is also a hint of sweetness from the malts, but the beer is overall dry and bitter.
Camden IPA is a well-balanced and refreshing IPA. It is not too bitter or too sweet, and it has a good hop-to-malt ratio. It is a great beer to enjoy on a hot day, or to pair with food that can handle the bitterness, such as spicy curries or grilled meats.
Here is a more detailed description of the beer’s flavor profile:

  • Appearance: Pale golden, slightly hazy
  • Aroma: Bright, citrusy, with notes of pine and grapefruit
  • Flavor: Strong citrus and resinous character from the Simcoe hops, with a hint of sweetness from the malts
  • Body: Medium
  • Finish: Dry and bitter
    • Country: Britain

    • Brewery: Camden Town

    • ABV: 5.8%

    • No. Servings per Keg: 10.5

    • Bottle: Size6L

    • Serving Temp: 3°C